Our Story

In 2005, Desiree Mendoza, passionately began creating one-of-a-kind outfits for Tiger and Annika and posting them on tiny breed dog forums like Yorkie Kingdom. Forum members were delighted to buy her outfits for their own fur-babies. Thus, the idea of establishing a business began from a hobby. Armed with a vision to dress-up fashionista divas, a marketing plan, and a passionate determination to succeed, development of an online website started. 

Founded in 2006, go fetch Canine Couture, LLC opened its dog retail clothing online store, carrying only exclusive designs under the go fetch™ brand, and catering to the discerning taste of passionate dog owners who thinks the world of their overly indulged fur-babies. With no direct retail sales experience, it embarked on a bold challenge to compete with famous pet clothing designers. Combined with unparalleled exceptional customer service, it has grown so quickly and earned such a reputation for fine quality dog apparel in a few years. Our online dog retail website hit the wide world of web and never looked back. 

From the beginning as today, all tonimari™ brand collections are made-to-order in very limited quantities with attention to detail and intricate embroidery and bead work. Standard features that come in most of the collection are D-ring attachments so they can be ready to go and be safe on car rides or walks. Satin lining is a must not just for its luxurious feel but to reduce coat matting to our beloved pooches. Truly a haute pet couture at it's finest.




Our dedication to provide high quality dog apparel began as a passionate hobby. It has grown through the years with challenges and victories. tonimari™ today, has earned a reputation for fine quality dog apparel. tonimari™ one-of-a-kind tiny breed dog apparel are designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality, safe, comfortable, functional, trendy, and perfect for every occasion. Your fur-baby will be the “belle of every ball.” tonimari™ cares about you and your fur-baby. Most of our loyal customers have become our dearest friends. Fur-babies and their owners are our family.